Discovering Your Ring Size

Ensuring the perfect fit for your ring is essential. For the utmost precision, we suggest visiting a nearby jewelry store to have your finger professionally measured. The ideal fit means your ring should feel comfortable, allowing it to glide over your knuckle effortlessly. However, it shouldn't spin too easily once it rests on your finger.

Two Ways to Measure For a Ring

  • 1. Measure the circumference of your fingers.

    You will require:
    A flexible measuring tape OR a string/thin strip of paper and a ruler.
    The finger on which you wish to wear the ring!

    Step 1: Wrap the measuring tape around the finger that will be wearing the new ring to determine its circumference.

    Alternatively, measure the circumference of your finger using thread or a strip of paper and measure the length against a ruler.

    Step 2:
    Look at the table below and look at the Circumference column.

  • 2. Ring Diameter

    You will require:
    An existing ring that fits the finger on which the new ring will be worn.
    A measuring tape or a ruler.

    Step:1 Place your ring on top of the measuring tape or ruler. To determine the diameter, measure the shortest distance between two places on the interior of the ring.

    Step 2:
    To determine your ring size, look at the Diameter column in the table below.

    This strategy is ideal if the ring is a gift and you do not want to inquire about the size. However, make certain that the ring is worn on the same finger as the new ring.

Ring Size Comparison Chart


What if the ring doesn’t fit?

There's no need to be concerned if the ring doesn't fit exactly.Getting the size exactly right can be difficult. If modifications are required,simply return the ring for resizing to get the perfect fit.We offer free resizing up to two sizes larger or smaller within 30 days of receiving the item.

A cost of £69 will be charged for resizing beyond twosizes. The feasibility of scaling may vary depending on the complexity of thedesign, and some things may not be resizable. For further information, pleasecontact our customer service staff at, callus, or use live chat. 

If You Have Further Questions?

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