Welcome to The Golden Graffiti

a visionary venture born out of the shared passion and expertise of two brothers, Philippe and Timour. Growing up in a family deeply immersed in the diamond and jewelry trade, the duo envisioned a transformative era for the industry.

meet the visionaries

Philippe & Timour

Philippe, with 15 years as a seasoned diamond trader in Antwerp, and Timour, a tech-savvy innovator bringing modern technologies to the traditional craft, forged a powerful combination of traditional artistry and cutting-edge innovation. Their journey began as a response to the evolving needs of their friends entering the realm of marriage and commitment.

The Discovery

How They Began

As their circle sought advice on purchasing engagement rings and fine jewelry, Philippe and Timour recognized the confusion and frustration surrounding the process. They were startled by the misinformation circulating among their friends, leading to doubts and unanswered questions post-purchase.


Realizing the gravity of acquiring significant pieces of jewelry, the brothers were driven by a belief that everyone should have access to accurate information about their purchases. This conviction fueled the establishment of The Golden Graffiti.

our vision

Eternal Elegance and Perfection

From the inception of design to the meticulous finishing touches, all jewelry at The Golden Graffiti is handled with the utmost care and attention befitting a precious work of art. Each piece stands as a testament to the unwavering dedication of our artisans, infused with an ageless beauty and enduring elegance.


  • Bespoke Customization

    Bring your ideas to life with us! Share your design vision at support@thegoldengraffiti.com, and let's create something uniquely yours together.

  • Lifetime Warranty

    Infused with love, perfected with dedication. Boost your confidence with our Limited Lifetime Warranty, promising lasting perfection in every piece.

  • Lifetime Upgrade

    Explore The Golden Graffiti Diamond Lifecycle Program – enhance, renew, or part ways with your purchased lab-grown diamond jewelry.